Bollé Safety introduce Kick & Spicy glasses with prescription lenses

October 1st, 2018 in News and Views by

Bollé Safety has introduced a new and very stylish range called Kick & Spicy glasses that come with prescription lense options.

The new range is ideal for a variety of applications from construction sites through to industry.  Featuring stylish, colourful frames. KICK and SPICY come in two unisex models, one with impact-resistant side shields for use in industry and the other with robust design for the office.

“Safety glasses with B-ZEN anti-blue light coating, filters out 20% of blue light. They relieve computer eye strain by significantly reducing glare, visual discomfort, itchy eyes and headaches. They contribute to maintaining good eyesight and comfortable working conditions”, says Bollé Safety

For more information visit the web page below: