Briggs brightens up footware with new Reflecto range

January 17th, 2018 in News and Views by

Eurosafe Group protective footware supplier, Briggs is brightening up the jobsite with the launch of its new Himalayan Relflecto range, available in sizes 6 -13. As well as being super stylish and reflective, the new range, which comes in four different styles are all waterproof and feature steel midsoles and toecaps.

Meeting the EN ISO 20345:2011 European standard and having an S3 rating standard for three of the range (5401, 5402, 5403) and a S1P rating for the 5400 model, the boots are also heat resistant up to 200°C.

Other safety features include:

200 Joule toecap protection; Closed seat region (fully enclosed heel); Energy absorption of seat region; Plus water penetration and water absorption resistance; Cleated outsole; Penetration resistance: 1100 Newtons; Anti-Static.

Slip Resistance Rating details are:

SRC – Outsole Slip Resistance BS EN ISO : 20345:2011/ CLAUSE NO-; Tested on Ceramic Tile/Sodium Lauryl – Heel part 0.28; Flat Contact 0.32; Tested on Steel Floor/Glycerol – Heel Part 0.13; Flat Contact 0.18.

See full details of the range including spec sheets below:

View the 5400 spec sheet 


View the 5401 spec sheet

View the 5402 spec sheet 

View the 5403 spec sheet 

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