Hand protection specialist and Eurosafe supplier, Globus has introduce a new cut-resistant (Level 5E) glove for workers operating in high cut risk environments who also need exceptional grip and fingertip precision.

The new SHOWA S-TEX 581 is manufactured using SHOWA’s engineered yarn technology that combines three different fibres – Polyester, Hagane high carbon steel and Kevlar® – to protect workers’ hands from significant cut hazards thanks to its Level 5 (EN388:2003) and Level E (ISO 13977) classification.

Ideally suited for a range of industries including manufacturing assembly, automotive, glass and glazing and construction, where cut hazards are common, the SHOWA S-TEX 581 delivers exceptional grip in greasy and light oily conditions thanks to the addition of an embossed finish to the foam nitrile palm coating, designed to disperse oils and liquids away efficiently.

The microporous foam nitrile coating also offers Level 4 (EN388:2003) abrasion resistance whilst enabling warm air and moisture on the inside of the glove to escape, helping to keep hands dry and comfortable.

“As the latest addition to SHOWA’s renowned S-TEX cut resistant glove family, the new S-TEX 581 delivers a range of enhanced benefits for people working in physically demanding environments where high level cut risks exist,” said Steve Shale, Marketing Manager of Globus.

“Unlike glass fibre-based gloves, the specialist SHOWA yarn technology within the 13 gauge S-TEX 581 liner delivers significant cut protection (Level E: ISO 13997) in addition to exceptional dexterity, durability and comfort.

“The result is a highly flexible durable glove that provides exceptional protection and longevity, making it a great choice for those wishing to reduce cost” added Steve.

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